Camping Schedule

Camp Soaring Eagle provides medically safe camping programs to children age 6-15 with serious illnesses and their families, including, but not limited to: type 1 diabetes, respiratory diseases, cancer, collagen vascular disease, inflammatory bowel disease, metabolic syndrome, mitochondrial disease, neuromuscular impairments, retinoblastoma and blood disorders to name a few.

Camp is completely FREE of charge to campers and their family because of charitable donations. You can donate today and change a child’s life. For more information, please contact our Camper Admissions Office at

2017 Illness Specific Schedule

Throughout the year we host illness-specific camper weekends where children with similar conditions are brought together for a weekend that builds their courage, instills hope and promotes joy. Campers are able to experience the magic that is camp while remaining under the watchful eye of our 24 hour medical team. Campers travel by motor coach to Camp Soaring Eagle, located on 26 acres just outside of Sedona. While at camp, the children enjoy horseback riding, fishing, crafts, music, archery, and most importantly discovering in the process that they can do more than they ever thought possible.


September 8th – September 10th  TEEN TYPE 1 DIABETES CAMPER WEEKEND
September 22nd – September 24th YOUTH TYPE 1 DIABETES CAMPER WEEKEND
October 6th – October 8th RESPIRATORY CAMPER WEEKEND
October 20th – October 22nd KIDNEY DISEASE CAMPER WEEKEND
November 10th – November 12th VET’S KIDS CAMPER WEEKEND


The true impact of Camp cannot be measured, but the benefits can be and we believe they are limitless.

The results were AMAZING!


of campers showed an increase in self confidence


of campers showed an increase in thier ability to face new challenges


of campers said they felt supported by the staff and volunteers


of campers showed an increase in their ability to make new friends

Results were compiled from 2014 Camper Surveys.