Fundraise for Camp

You can fundraise just by doing something that you love. Turn any event you can imagine into a fundraiser to support Camp Soaring Eagle and our mission of providing the healing power of laughter to seriously ill children. By hosting your own personal fundraiser, you will be giving serisouly ill children from across Arizona the opportunity to laugh, play and just be a kid.

Whether it’s a marathon, sporting event, painting party, bake sale, car wash or birthday party, anything you can dream up can be turned into a life changing experience for a child.

Fundraising Guidelines

We are grateful that you are interested in hosting a fundraiser to support Camp Soaring Eagle and it’s mission to provide the healing power of laughter to seriously ill children.

Please review our third party fundraising guidelines.

  • The event must be reputable and support Camp Soaring Eagle’s mission.
  • Participants must be informed and understand that third party events are not produced by or the responsibility of Camp Soaring Eagle.
  • Event organizers must not state or imply that Camp Soaring Eagle sponsors the event.
  • Camp Soaring Eagle staff does not supervise or control the event and therefore are not responsible for or liable for acts or omissions with the event.
  • Event names and marketing materials must not imply that Camp Soaring Eagle is involved with the planning or execution of the event.
  • Example: The naming of the event should not read: “Camp Soaring Eagle’s Golf Tournament”. It should read: “The Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead Open benefiting Camp Soaring Eagle”
  • Please check with your State regarding licensure if you plan on hosting a raffle or any other type of gambling activity or if you plan to serve or sell alcohol.  You are solely responsible for obtaining the license.
  • Please note that you may need to inquire as to obtaining liability insurance for your event. Camp Soaring Eagle’s insurance policy does not cover third party events.
  • As a public charity, Camp Soaring Eagle may not promote or endorse any third party cause, idea, political campaign, website, product or service. Participants may not use the copyrighted information, logos, trademarks or service marks without the express written consent of Camp Soaring Eagle.

Camp Soaring Eagle reserves the right to terminate its relationship with any participant at any time for any reason.

Camp Soaring Eagle may:

  • Provide a letter of authorization and validation to assist in fundraising
  • Help promote your event through publications and on our website
  • Offer advice and event planning expertise
  • Provide general information materials
  • Provide and approve logo usage

Camp Soaring Eagle cannot:

  • Guarantee corporate sponsorship
  • Provide funding or reimbursement for expenses
  • Provide tax exemption information
  • Provide staff or volunteer support or guarantee event attendance
  • Provide donor or vendor mailing lists
  • Solicit auction items for Third Party Events

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