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How can you help

Become a Family Sponsor and meet first hand the family that you are helping

Can you imagine being told that your child has cancer and that he has to undergo all kinds of treatments with no guarantee that he will survive. It’s a very traumatic time in the lives of the entire family, so being able to forget about their illness for a few days is such a blessing. Please help us bring some laughter and smiles into the lives of these families. 10 Families with a child with Oncology will gather at the Briar Patch Inn located on Oak Creek in Sedona from January 24-27th. The families will stay in a beautiful cabin at the Briar Patch Inn. Volunteer nurses will be at camp for the week to address any medical issues that may arise. While at Briar Patch they will enjoy daily activities such as Archery, Arts and Crafts, Games, Magic Shows, visits from wildlife specialists and more and there is no cost to the family members. The cost to put on this program is $1000 per family. Please commit to giving lasting memories to a family in need by becoming a sponsor of the Camp Soaring Eagle 2014 Oncology Family Retreat. To Become a Sponsor Contact: Rick James 928-284-9393

Planned Giving

Every year a number of dedicated supporters make the decision to include a gift to camp in their estate plans. Leaving a legacy to Camp Soaring Eagle acknowledges your faith in our efforts to continue the mission of serving hundreds of seriously ill children each year. For more information about planned giving, contact Rick James by email at rjames@CampSoaringEagle.org or by phone at 928.284.9393.

Gift in Kind

Our camps rely on the generosity of many companies that provide much needed items such as toiletries, toys, snacks and other items for our campers. If your company would like to consider a donation of such items for the seriously ill children we serve, contact Juan Morales by email at jmorales@CampSoaringEagle.org or by phone at: 928.284.9393.

Monthly Giving

Give the gift of laughter year round with our simple and secure monthly giving program. Whether you can give $10 a month or $100, our programs run year round and will provide our campers with experiences that will stay with them forever.

Sponsor a Camper

$1,500 provides a life-changing camping experience for one child for one week. These funds underwrite a number of expenses, such as: medical care, transportation to camp, 24/7 supervision, meals, activities and all of the other things that make camping an unforgettable life experience for an ill child. Thanks to these generous donations, we are able to provide the fun of camping at no charge.

Current Sponsors

Children who struggle with serious health problems are often deprived of the usual childhood joys due to the medical conditions they live in. While we strive to support them and give them the opportunity to take their minds off their illness, make friends and be just kids for at least a few days, there are people who are also behind this and should be presented to the world. As long as human kindness exists, we believe that this world is a good place to live in. Together we can help children and their families gain memories that will stay with them forever.

We want to thank for their generous donations:

Gregory Allen, the principal CEO of ASAP Finance. Gregory Allen has dedicated much of his life to helping people in financial need. As our mission is closely associated with his life goals, he decided not to stay away. Thanks to Gregory's donations, children and their families are able to visit our camp for free. His contribution helped us cover the living expenses of more than 10 families. Also, Gregory helps families that raise children with oncology cover their medical expenditures on an ongoing basis. Thus, children struggling with illness in low-income families can receive the medical care they need to get better.

Marilyn Arenas, the care guide of Oscar. As Marylin works in a health insurance company, she knows that most expenses that children with oncology face are not covered by most insurance plans. Thus, Marilyn decided to help families in need get lasting memories and a glimmer of hope. Her donations helped us pay for expensive equipment and medical care that children needed while being in camp. In addition, Marilyn gives families free lectures to help them better understand the complex topic of health insurance.

Kristy L. Weber, the physician of Penn Medicine. Dr. Weber is also the Director of the Sarcoma Program at Abramson Cancer Center and a highly qualified specialist with extensive expertise in oncology. Thanks to her support, children can get items they need to maintain their health while enjoying various camp activities. Since Kristy is also a practitioner, she has made an invaluable contribution by providing free consultations to families.

Cheryl Trowbridge, the author at TeachKidsArt. As a mom of two, Cheryl understands how hard and traumatic it can be to struggle with your child's Cancer. Therefore, in addition to donations, Cheryl helped us organize an entertainment program with daily activities and held several master classes on Art and Craft for our young campers.