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Our Story


Camp is a great adventure, something healthy kids look forward to and a place they can experience new things and make new friends. Unfortunately, for children suffering from serious illnesses, their medical conditions make a traditional camp experience out of the question, and that’s where Camp Soaring Eagle comes in. Nestled in the mountains of Northern Arizona, our 26-acre facility makes the perfect get-a-way from the everyday pressures that seriously ill children face on a daily basis.


Currently there are over 311,000 children in Arizona living with special health care needs. Camp Soaring Eagle provides medically safe camping programs to children age 6-15 with serious illnesses and their families, including, but not limited to: type 1 diabetes, respiratory diseases, cancer, collagen vascular disease, inflammatory bowel disease, metabolic syndrome, mitochondrial disease, neuromuscular impairments, retinoblastoma and blood disorders to name a few. Campers submit an application for illness specific sessions based on the recommendation of their physician.

Medical Care

What sets Camp Soaring Eagle apart from other youth-based camps in Arizona? We provide exceptional standards in medical care. We have medical professionals that volunteer each weekend to provide a safe and fun environment for our campers.

How we help

Camp is completely FREE of charge to campers and their family because of charitable donations. You can donate today and change a child’s life.

  • Camp is provided FREE of charge
  • Year Round Programs
  • Our goal is to serve 1700 Campers in 2016
  • 24 Hour Medical Care
  • Illness Specific Camper Weekends
  • Illness Specific Family Retreats
  • Sibling Camper Weekends
  • Summer Camp Program
  • Veterans’ Kids Camper Weekends
  • Camp Outreach